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10 Web Design Tips for Business Owners

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10 Web Design Tips for Business Owners 

Every company, little or huge, requires a high quality website today in 2020. But simply getting started can be something confusing and frustrating for business owners first entering the technical world of web hosting and design, especially if they have never set up a website before.

It is important to note however that your site is a crucial selling factor for the service you provide in any industry. It will either develop trust among your potential customers or in the worst case, turn them away. This article tells you how NOT to do the latter and gives you actionable tips and advice on what makes a great site.

Creating a company website doesn’t need to be such a difficult process which often seems to be the case. The reasons why developing a site can be difficult to get started are that there seems to be endless themes to buy and unlimited blocks to build. Before you know it, a company’s expenses can sway from a little amount to something easily significant unnecessarily.  But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Here’s why you need to consider hiring a specialist website designer. Your site designer will be able to develop a web property for your service which will deliver your message effectively tailored to your market. This in turn will enable you to get more leads and enquiries.

Keep your business objectives and mission statements in mind as you work with your website designer step by step.

Read our 10 ideas below that will help your business’s website get found by search engines and produce the intended result.

1) Mess-Free

A flashy, busy looking site can look impressive but sometimes appears confusing to your audience. Don’t forget the end purpose of your site which is to sell your service and products to acquire customers or generate more quotes and leads. Allow your website visitors to have a seamless web-browsing experience.

2) Search engines must be able to discover your website

Make sure your website is clear from clutter and contains easily digestible content and consists of URLs or pages which aren’t broken. Don’t forget to submit your sitemaps to Google Search Console so the Googlebot can crawl your site and find your pages and posts.


3) Make it mobile-friendly!

A lot of website themes designed for the popular website management system WordPress come mobile optimised already. However, each development project is different and you are likely to come across times where you’re really happy with how something looks on your big screen, but on your Smartphone it looks tiny and has a big horizontal scroll! Your website designer can assist you with that.

4) Design For Leads

Devise ways on how to capture as many leads as possible for your website. You can use tools such as OptinMonster or website popups with contact forms embedded. But at the same time not be so consistent that this irritates your potential customer.

5) Make contact details clear

Sometimes even the biggest, most successful corporations miss this step. Make sure your mobile/landline and contact e-mail are shown clearly on your website. The best places are the top and bottom of each page. Don’t forget to have a ‘CONTACT’ page also which that includes your number and e-mail address again, but also your mailing address (if you have one) for your business, and a map. You can also add opening hours and closing times of your business.

6) Experience must be user-friendly

Whatever you decide (whether that’s working on your site yourself or with a designer), it is important to deliver your message in an easy-to-understand style with simple navigation in menus.

Nothing can be more distracting to a potential customer than a bad site style. Make it so you would find your site easy to use if visiting it for the first time.

7) Showcase products and services well

Several websites show too many products and services on one page and clutter it. If you have a great website design but your products have not been displayed well, your customers will think twice before buying from you.

8) Quick Site load time

Ensure that your web project has the right web hosting and bandwidth to support it. If you use shared hosting then your site speed will be slower than if you  decided to choose VPS Hosting. Furthermore, a graphically intense design could eat into your loading time and put off prospective customers. Make sure you are using the latest version of PHP, this will speed up your website.

9) Indexing Your Website

Search engines look for certain elements which determine whether or not they rank your site higher than one of your competitors. Such elements include text in headings such as H1 tags, Img Alt Tags, Meta descriptions and much more. If you are new to these terms, they may sound complex. A site designer will be able to decipher such terms and get to work with them, sparing you of the job.

10) Content

Last but not the least is the relevance of content on your small business website. The more content you have and the more high quality it is, the easier search engines such as Google and Bing will be able to find and index your site.

Research indicates that there are more people viewing web pages with mobile devices instead of laptops and computers. So it is crucial to host a website which loads fast and without hitches. According to experts, a site that loads under 3 seconds is optimal.

Hopefully the above tips will guide you better on how to approach designing for your website, and why hiring a site designer can save you time. If you’re interested in hiring a designer, get in touch today.

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How to adapt your Digital Marketing strategy throughout the Coronavirus pandemic

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Over the last 2 weeks we’ve seen an increase in clients getting in-touch for advice on how to adapt their marketing efforts across paid advertising and SEO to better answer users queries and avoid wasting budgets.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the government has asked everyone who can to work from home to do so. Some businesses have been closed down completely, while others have had an easier transition to remote working. But no business is unaffected.

Right now, business owners are focused on looking after their people, communicating with their customers and working out how to access government support. But with no end date for the lockdown, one thing is clear: This is not a short, sharp, shock. We can’t just wait this out.

Below, our digital team share their advice on how to best use your digital channels during the coronavirus outbreak to keep up with the changes in audience behaviour.


With an increase in working from home and a huge reduction in physical shopping many companies without an ecommerce presence have completely stopped trading. But it’s not all doom and gloom there have been a few success stories; one of our clients a local Beauty Clinic who also had an online shop selling skin creams doubled their PPC budget and have increased online sales by 500% year on year. However we understand switching focus may not be possible for a majority of businesses, so below we have compiled some advice on what you can do to make the most of your current Pay-Per-Click campaigns:

  • Making sure budget is being utilised on campaigns and keywords where you can meet demand.
  • Use Ad scheduling so ads are shown at the right times. With ad scheduling, you can set which days of the week you want to run your ads and start/stop times for each day.
  • Use the correct call to action, e.g don’t say ‘call now’ or ‘visit us today’ if no one will be there to pick up the phone or your store is closed.
  • Review device bid adjustments – mobiles are the preferred device for commuters, but what if those individuals are no longer commuting? It’s worth reviewing chosen devices and adjusting bids accordingly.
  • Keep an eye on what your geo location data is telling you, with less people commuting to work this data may shift
  • Check your ad copy to ensure your tone and message sits right with your other channels
  • Update your sitelinks to promote important pages such as delivery information or general company information
  • Some keyword CPC’s have fallen through the floor so reconsider and benchmark your KPIs so they reflect the current climate


SEO and Content


It is important to make sure you share any crucial information that your customers would want to see, as well as picking up on any SEO tasks that you may have neglected before.


Initial actions to accomplish this are:


  • Update your opening hours on your site and do this on maps like Google, Apple and Bing, your Google My Business page. Wherever your opening times are mentioned.
  • Let your customers know of any changes in business operations with a blog post or landing page, with updated FAQs according to any consumer queries that will arise during the outbreak
  • Hyperlink to your announcements through your homepage (banners, navigation, the footer, so it is obvious and people won’t miss it) The same goes for your newsletter emails and social media posts
  • Review sponsorships, paid advertising or costly tools and subscriptions that you feel you cannot use for the next month. Also try to lower invoicing for unused resources (tool providers for example may allow invoicing to stop temporarily. Worth a shot!).

Throughout this period in time:

  • Think about what content that you will need to remain up-to-date as a business relating to the Coronavirus pandemic and its impacts on the services and products you provide, so your customers know what to expect from you.
  • Write down any necessary aspects to update users on and produce material on this daily, weekly or whatever frequency you see fit, pushing out through your normal channels.
  • Remember that this is your chance to aid your existing customers and maintain brand loyalty and commitment.


Keep watch on your site’s analytics. Data can show you how to approach your digital marketing methods during the outbreak.
Here are the 3 essential and actionable points to consider:

  • Use annotation markers inside Google Analytics to signify crucial events, changes or announcements to your digital marketing because this will allow you to better comprehend any traffic changes. For example, include ‘ad spend lowered’, ‘workplace hours lowered’ or ‘government statement made’.
  • Keep your eyes peeled to traffic behaviour to better comprehend how the news is impacting users so you can pinpoint issues or identify brand-new business ventures:
  • Are they looking for various items, services or material?
  • Are they searching your website but in a different way?
  • Are you offering users with what they require?

Create notifications inside of Google Analytics so you can be notified of irregular activity on your website, such as plunges in site traffic, traffic spikes, blog visits, leads or sales.

For more in depth suggestions and advice please contact us today.

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How To Find a Reliable Digital Marketing Company

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How To Find a Reliable Digital Marketing Company


Many people want to use a reliable digital marketing company to accelerate their business growth.
If you don’t know how to advertise your business on the Internet, one important consideration is to hire a Digital Marketing consultant.
Although you can work out by yourself how to execute Digital Marketing, taking advantage of the services of an expert can help you get to the top quicker.
But, with plenty of people offering such service today, how do you actually find a company that is reputable for establishing a top online presence?

One of the best things you can do is to get solid recommendations.
If you know others who’ve used online marketing services before, find out who they have used. Ask them about what they thought and their experiences.

Were they pleased with the skills they’ve received? Did they get maximum value for money? By getting recommendations, put simply that you can find a company that may help you achieve your web goals.

If you don’t know anyone who’s used a Digital Marketing agency, then the best path  is doing some research on the Internet. Get on Facebook and Twitter and join discussion sites.
You can find limitless sites and discussion boards that supply helpful tips. Plus, you will be blown away at the amounts of data you’ll get from others who want to see you grow.


reviews for digital marketing companies

Digital Marketing Company Reviews


Also, you can use Google to work with an agency that will develop a solid digital marketing strategy on the Internet. Just enter in the words “Digital Marketing Agency” and you’ll begin to see the websites of various agencies there to help. For the most convenient and best results though, search the above term then your town or city.
When searching on the internet though, make sure you do your research to make sure the potential agency is reputable and suited best for your individual business aims.